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Coronavirus – How to beat

All seafarers in this video were in good health and not suffering from the coronavirus. Proper HSSE procedures were being followed on board at all times during filming.

Please note that this video is not currently available for Seagull or Videotel training library. Our teams are working on this right now and and customers will be notified as soon as it becomes available.
You are welcome to distribute to vessels but please ensure you have the relevant permission from the vessel operator.
We are pleased to make this video  available for your internal use to help raise awareness of COVID-19 Coronavirus
© 2020 Videotel/Seagull  Videotel & Seagull Maritime owns the copyright and other intellectual property rights in this video, which you may use for strictly non-commercial training and educational purposes. The video or any part thereof may not be used, reproduced, modified, distributed or otherwise dealt with for any other purpose. Any unauthorised use or other exploitation is not permissible and may result in prosecution.