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Final Word

These policies will provide the UK shipping industry with the opportunity to succeed long into the future. They will ensure a large UK-based maritime workforce and the growth of the industry’s already significant economic and fiscal contributions.

The Government is not alone in its responsibility to grow the maritime economy; the UK Chamber of Shipping takes its responsibilities seriously too. That is why it offers free membership to British start-up shipowners. We strongly encourage government to join us in encouraging a new generation of maritime entrepreneurs.

The UK Chamber is also committed to promoting the UK as a place to do maritime business to inward investors, as part of promotional body Maritime UK – an official partner of the ‘Britain is Great’ campaign. Industry and the Government must now deepen their resolve to attract new business to Britain. The UK Chamber of Shipping has made a permanent offer to the Government to work with any company around the world that might be considering relocation to the UK. We restate that offer here.

It is vital that the Government makes good on its pledge to secure a strong and positive deal with the European Union, and to forge new and deeper trading relationships elsewhere. It is no less vital that it delivers significant reform of existing shipping policies – particularly in relation to the flag – so that the industry is on its best, most competitive footing. 

Shipping is one of the UK’s most important industries. It is a source of economic prosperity in major cities and small communities across the country. All those committed to building a strong future outside of the European Union must be committed to building a strong and competitive maritime economy.