Maritime UK

Maritime UK brings together the shipping, ports and maritime business services sectors in the UK to speak with a single voice on key strategic and practical issues of joint interest.

Maritime UK brings together the UK's shipping, ports, marine and business services sectors, to drive forward an ambitious agenda for growth, to promote the UK as a world-class maritime sector and to unite the maritime community in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

As the engine of British trade, the UK maritime and marine sectors support over 1 million jobs, contributes £40bn to UK GDP and drive exports and inward investment.

As an island nation, our industry is a vital part of our heritage and of our modern economy – supporting jobs, driving innovation and enabling trade. 

Put simply, it is the maritime industry’s job to ensure that the UK is open for business and Maritime UK, in conjunction with industry and government stakeholders works to ensure that the importance of our industry is recognised at all levels 

Maritime UK Members

Maritime UK is made up of a range of members including the UK Chamber of Shipping. A full list of members can be found here.


The current Chairman of Maritime UK is Robin Mortimer.

Robin joined the PLA as chief executive officer on 31 March 2014. Prior to joining the PLA, Robin had 20 years’ experience in the UK Government civil service across a range of Government Departments. He was Private Secretary to the Environment Secretary from 1996-97, Deputy Prime Minister from 1997-98 and to the Transport Secretary from 2001-03. He led the work on the UK Climate Change Bill in 2006 and in 2007, became a Director in Defra where he set up the UK’s Adapting to Climate Change programme, oversaw the creation of the Canal & River Trust and directed policy on air quality and the natural environment.

In addition to serving as Chair of Maritime UK, Robin is a Member of the CBI’s London Council, a trustee of Thames 21 and Chair of Estuary Services Ltd, a JV subsidiary with Peel Ports.



For any inquiries regarding the work of Maritime UK, please contact the Secretariat